[Printed] Photo Debut for Rolling Stone Indonesia

KYLESA after their set at Rossi Music Jakarta (04/13/2014)
KYLESA in Rolling Stone Indonesia, June 2014 edition.

It was an over the top excitement when you’re told that your request to cover one of your favourite band’s show as your first stage photography assignment -from your favourite magazine- has been granted.

My first assignment from Rolling Stone Indonesia (RSI) was to take some photos of Kylesa’s performance at Rossi Musik, Jakarta (04/13/2014). Kylesa, an American sludge-psychedelic metal band from Savannah, Georgia that I have known and followed since their crushing 2009 album, Static Tensions, got a review -written by the same person who interviewed them that night, managing editor Ricky Siahaan- published in Rolling Stone Indonesia. This band has evolved so much from the first time I heard their music, and as a fan, they always have something new to amaze me .

The assignment itself was originally intended to be just a documentation of Kylesa’s onstage perfomance. It turns out that  RSI wanted to do an interview with them, and so, a photo featuring the band is needed. Since the photographer used to do that spesific job was not available, they entrusted the task to me. Pure luck, but I am glad that I made it.

Big thanks to the editors of Rolling Stone Indonesia, especially photo editor Bayu Adhitya.

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